"NORDASIA" Business Group

Dear ladies and gentlemen! "NORDASIA" business-group linked congenial partner organizations.

We follow the principles of socially responsible business on the basis of work beneficial for the community, creative initiatives and healthy competition.

Working with any of the companies representing our business-group, you receive high quality, timely and conscientious performance of the obligations taken by us, preferential mode of interaction with other companies which are members of the business-group, unambiguous professional and ethical standards. The main value of the partnership is in these standards. We are pleased to cooperate with you!

Facts about “NORDASIA” members

The companies in the business-group comprise a financial hypermarket providing the full set of leasing, auditor and other financial services realizing investment activities, designing and construction projects.

Development and investment programs in the Siberian Federal District.

  • Are geographically present in the Siberian region, the central part of Russia, in the North and the Far East.
  • Business-group actively participates in legislative process at the local and federal levels.
  • The company participates in the realization of the federal target program "Dwelling" within the limits of the regional target program "Resettlement of the citizens living in Novosibirsk region from shabby and emergency prone housing in 2003-2010. 1500 person, living in barracks, will receive new habitation before 2010.
  • Active work with the staff is conducted everywhere in the affiliates. The internal personnel reserve of the acting operating employees and perspective student's youth was formed. Employees receive the international certificates of vocational training.
  • Business-group supports socially-responsible business by rendering services of a social orientation and has charitable policy in the interests of Novosibirsk and Siberia.
  • "NORDASIA" business-group considers its main achievement to be the long-term partner relations with the clients receiving a full range of services, and growth of the basic parameters of economic and social development for each participating company.
  • Experience of partnership through the dynamics of development.